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'Last Man Standing' Actor Jonathan Adams Shares His Faith

'Last Man Standing' Actor Jonathan Adams Shares His Faith

‘Last Man Standing’ actor Jonathan Adams sits down with The 700 Club to share his journey to faith. 51-year-old Jonathan Adams has appeared in numerous roles over the years, but he is most recognized for his character Chuck Larabee on FOX’s ‘Last Man Standing.’

Chuck is the friend and neighbor of Tim Allen’s character, Mike Baxter. The show was successful for six seasons on ABC before being cancelled. But an outpouring of support from fans caused the show to be resurrected on FOX.

Today, Jonathan Adams is opening up about another side of him that people may not know and that is his faith. Jonathan did not grow up in church. He explains that his family only visited on special occasions. “We were what I like to call CEO Christians. We were Christmas and Easter only and that was really all we would do.”

For years, Jonathan described himself as agnostic, but that all changed when he met his future wife, Monica. Monica was a devout Christ follower and she brought Jonathan closer to God than ever before. Now, he relies on his faith when looking at potential roles and carefully considers the content of scripts.

On the show, Jonathan’s character has a lot of different opinions than Mike Baxter. But they both come together on the topic of faith and family. The audience notices this key factor and it is a big reason why there is so much support for this show. I’m so glad that Jonathan was able to speak on his faith and inspire others to live a life for Christ.