Farmer Performs Emergency C-Section To Save Baby Foxes

Farmer Performs Emergency C-Section To Save Baby Foxes

24-year-old farmer Chris Rolfe’s quick thinking led to an emergency c-section that saved the lives of four baby foxes.

Chris was driving down the road in England when he saw a car hit a fox in the road. He pulled over to check on the animal and, sadly, discovered that she had been fatally struck. But that’s when Chris noticed her belly was still moving. He realized that the fox was pregnant, so he quickly ran to his car to grab a knife and perform an emergency c-section. “I couldn’t think about it too much. I just had to perform the C-section because every minute is crucial,” he told South West News Service.

Chris is not a veterinarian, but he has assisted with the birth of sheep on the farm. After the procedure, the farmer removed four baby foxes from the mother. He brought the babies home to his mother where they washed and warmed the orphans. T

hey began the process of around-the-clock feedings and, now, the 7-week-olds are healthy and happy. Chris and his mother are working with a local animal rescue service to make sure that the foxes are ready to be released back into the wild.

Many people would have driven by this scene, but Chris was kind enough to stop and help out this mother in need. It was truly a heroic act for this young man and without his instincts, these babies may have been lost too. What an inspiring story of compassion and kindness.