'Church (Take Me Back)' Cochren And Co.

'Church (Take Me Back)' Cochren And Co.

Up and coming Christian band Cochren & Co share the official lyric video for their song ‘Church (Take Me Back).’

This was the first single to be released by this fresh, new ensemble signed to Gotee Records.

“Take me back
To the place that feels like home
To the people I can depend on
To the faith that's in my bones
Take me back
To a preacher and a verse
Where they've seen me at my worst
To the love I had at first
Oh, I want to go to church”

Cochren & Co is led by Michael Cochren. This worship leader from southern Indiana started out as a solo singer-songwriter, but soon found a group of talented musicians to perform with.

Together, they formed Cochren & Co and began touring with acts such as Crowder and Jeremy Camp. Today, they’re powerful single ‘Church (Take Me Back)’ is reminding us all that church is truly our home. When we walk through difficult times, God is always there to help see us through.

At church, we can find fellow believers who will support us along the way. In our world like this, it’s so important to surround ourselves with people who will help lift us.

“Tried to walk on my own but I wound up lost
Now I'm making my way to the foot of the cross”

Right out the gates, Cochren & Co brings it all back to the heart of worship. I’m so ready to get back to the way things were. How about you?

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