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'Granted' Josh Groban Live Performance

'Granted' Josh Groban Live Performance

Josh Groban sings his song ‘Granted’ during a beautiful live performance at Madison Square Garden. The concert showcased his songs from his new album Bridges, and the DVD of the concert was just released last week.

“If you have a dream go chase it
If you feel hope don't waste it
If you find love embrace it
Never take a single breath for granted
The story's yours, go write it
Tomorrow's undecided
Our days are counted on this planet
Never take a single breath
Take a single breath for granted”

With such beautiful and uplifting lyrics, one can see why this song has been an inspiration to so many already. ‘Granted’ is a strong ballad and the large orchestra in the video just adds to the powerful sound of the song.

Josh Groban is known for writing empowering songs like ‘You Raise Me Up’ and ‘You Are Loved.’ But when it came to writing this song, he says that he actually didn’t intend on making it an inspirational anthem.

“Writing an anthem that's inspirational is easier said than done. Anytime you come at a song like that from...any cynicism, it never works. 'Granted' came about totally organically,” Josh Groban says.
"I'm never expecting to write, like, an 'anthem' or an inspirational song. I'm such an over-thinker, I'm thinking, 'I already got a coupe of those, I don't need to do another!'"

Thankfully, he did make another inspirational song. One that brings people hope and reminds them to be grateful for this beautiful life that God has given us.

It’s a wonderful thing that God has given him such a great talent for singing and writing songs, and he can use this gift to give hope to those who listen to him. His music brings so many people joy and uplifts their spirits.