Vocal Coach Becomes The Singing Voice For A Man Dying Of ALS

Vocal Coach Becomes The Singing Voice For A Man Dying Of ALS

A vocal coach becomes the singing voice for one of her students after he is diagnosed with ALS.

Bernie Dalton always had a passion for music. This single father’s dream never left his heart, so he decided in 2016 to start taking vocal lessons with Essence Golman. Essence noted that ‘Bernie showed up to each lesson filled with inspiration, songs to share, and eager to learn healthy vocal techniques to expand his range and build his confidence as a singer.’

But one day, his voice suddenly disappeared. For a while, no one could quite figure out what was happening. After a visit to a neurologist, Bernie was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 47. Even though Bernie lost his voice and was quickly losing other motor functions, he still wanted to pursue music.

One of his final wishes was to create an album with his daughter, Nicole. He asked Essence, his vocal coach, to be the voice for the lyrics he had been writing. With the help of other talented musicians, they fulfilled his dream in an amazing way. One of the songs featured on the album was actually written for Bernie’s future grandchildren.

This particular video showcases Bernie And The Believers performing one of Bernie’s original songs, ‘Unusual Boy.’ Surrounded by his band, Bernie lays in a hospital bed fixated on the music. It’s truly an emotional, yet inspiring moment. Sadly, Bernie passed away in May 2019, but his legacy will continue to live on through his music and passion.