'Happiest Man In The World' Drives A Doggie School Bus Every Day

'Happiest Man In The World' Drives A Doggie School Bus Every Day

Arat Montoya is living the dream as the owner of Doggie School Bus. God truly knew what He was doing when He placed animals on this Earth.

This is especially true for dogs, in particular. These furry friends that ultimately become our pets definitely hold a very special place in our hearts. They become a part of our family and it’s always a heartwarming relationship to witness. And no one has a bigger heart for dogs than Arat Montoya.

Arat runs Doggie School Bus, a daycare program for canines that picks them up and drops them off each day. In the mornings, you can see dogs waiting by the window and racing out the door to catch their ride on the big, yellow bus.

Arat is there to open the van doors and welcome his furry buddies aboard. Daycare consists of a five-acre piece of land where the dogs can run and play during the day.

It’s truly a dream job for Arat, but it definitely wasn’t the plan his family had for him. “My family are bakers, and my dad wanted me to be a baker,” he said. “I said, ’I’m sorry Dad, I love dogs.’”

Now, Arat has over 300 clients and has anywhere from 20-30 dogs per day. “I’m the happiest man in the world doing what I’m doing.”

And I definitely believe those words are true. Arat looks perfectly at home with tons of canine friends running around. Who else who like to work at this place?

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