African Youth Choir Puts Their Own Spin On 'Africa' From Toto

African Youth Choir Puts Their Own Spin On 'Africa' From Toto

The talented Ndlovu Youth Choir performs a unique rendition of ‘Africa’ from Toto on America’s Got Talent.

We first met this inspiring choir during their audition for the fourteenth season of AGT. The choir was created in 2009 as a creative outlet for kids in South Africa.

Led by artistic director Ralf Schmitt, this talented group has gained a following all over the world. On their Facebook, it states that “the choir seeks to deliver an experience of infectious joy, a toe-tapping and energetic South African music ranging from Afro-Pop classics to traditional South African music and original compositions irresistibly combined with mesmerizing choreography.”

With their special style of sound and over-the-top performances, this choir provides hope and inspiration to the members and listeners. Their first performance easily impressed the judges with their energetic presentation of an original song, ‘My African Dream.’

The blend of vocal talent with dance truly makes this an audition to remember. Week after week, this incredible group has entertained the world with their unique numbers.

Now, they’ve made it all the way to the finals and they are not holding anything back. Just listen as they belt out the words to the classic song ‘Africa’ from Toto.

In perfect unison, these members sway across the stage in their brightly colored outfits and one-of-a-kind sound. I know this performance must have taken so much hard work and practice to pull off, but the result is absolute perfection.

Who else is in awe of the Ndlovu Youth Choir?