High School Dance Team Performs Epic Superhero Routine

High School Dance Team Performs Epic Superhero Routine

Dancers from the PAC Dance Team at Walden Grove High School perform an epic superhero routine during the Homecoming assembly.

This talented group has truly outdone themselves with this incredible dance number. The group performed a thrilling seven-minute Marvel themed routine and wowed their fellow students.

We first met the PAC Dance Team in 2018 when their Harry Potter dance was posted on social media and went viral. Since that time, the high school dancers competed on America’s Got Talent where they made it all the way to the semi-finals.

Now, the group is back on the dance floor that started it all for another Homecoming assembly routine. You can bet with all the newfound attention that this group is going bigger than ever.

With the popularity of the recent superhero movies, it was no surprise that the PAC Dance Team chose a Marvel theme. These talented teens use impeccable dance skills to bring the Avengers movie to life in a whole new way.

Throughout the routine, we see many familiar faces such as Ironman, Thor, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Captain Marvel and the Hulk. There’s even an appearance by the villainous Thanos.

With a multitude of dance genres, the group has the whole crowd cheering. There’s no doubt that creating a performance like takes so much time and effort from everyone involved. But these high schoolers obviously take pride in their team and put in the work to make each performance more memorable than the last.

Who’s looking forward to next year already?