Funny Baby Says 'Mama' After Reading Entire Book About 'Dada'

Funny Baby Says 'Mama' After Reading Entire Book About 'Dada'

It’s a hilarious moment captured on camera when this baby says ‘Mama’ for the first time after reading all about ‘Dada.’

We can all agree that the birth of a child is a very special moment for any parent. After nine months of waiting, you are able to finally meet your precious baby for the first time. There is joy, happiness and probably some tears.

From that moment on, the infant is loved and cared for by their parents. Many babies have an instant bond with their mothers, since they have known them even before birth.

For fathers, their parenting starts once the baby is welcomed into the world. Then, they take on the role of protector and provider. This dad is hoping to create an extra special bond with his little one by making her very first words be ‘Dada.’

That’s when he reads her a book all about fathers and the word ‘Dada’ is repeated over and over again. Thinking this will be a surefire way to be the first word, he ends the book and looks at his daughter. But the little cutie already has a sense of humor and she immediately shouts out ‘Mama.’

Both parents cannot contain their laughter at this ironic and hilarious moment. Thankfully, the entire scene plays out on camera and now we all get to laugh together.

You truly cannot control what comes out of a child’s mouth and they definitely have the ability to say the most unlikely things.

Did your child or grandchild ever do anything like this?