News Anchor Responds When Viewer Shames Her High-Waisted Pants

News Anchor Responds When Viewer Shames Her High-Waisted Pants

One news anchor is speaking out after a viewer shames her for wearing high-waisted pants.

Maggie Vespa is a TV anchor for KGW-TV in Portland, Oregon. Recently, Maggie made headlines when she took to the air to address a viewer’s comments on her appearance.

After the weekend anchor wore a pair of high-waisted pants during a broadcast, a gentlemen was compelled to write in on Facebook. “Just wanted to let you know that the clothes you've been wearing, especially those crazy pants that ride half way up your torso, are not cool looking, in any way! ... You're way too pretty to look so foolish.”

Maggie was taken aback by the man’s message and she replied back that she enjoyed wearing those pants and she would not be changing her wardrobe. After the viewer wrote back a second time, she decided to address the situation on air.

She shared the second message, which said, “Try dressing like a normal woman. Doesn't KGW pay you enough for a wardrobe makeover?"

As a female in the broadcast industry, Maggie knows all too well about the objectification of women. She wanted to stand up for herself and make sure that other women in similar situations know that this type of comment is not okay. She ended the broadcast with one final statement.

“Dress how you want, look how you want, and if anybody tries to make you feel less than because of that, that’s their problem.” What do you think about this viral story?