Te Waa- Purposed and Designed

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This track touches on the hot topic of God’s existence and our need for Him. The methodologies and processes applied by our secular society to prove God’s existence, in my opinion, are absolutely inapt for validating the existence of the one who transcends our physical realm. Science is limited to empirical observations and physical evidence. Humanists and Naturalists views are bent on neglecting the possibility of the extra-ordinary. God, the eternal and all transcendental, the uncaused cause, is far too vast and grand to be analysed by human minds restricted to a brief life span bound by limited knowledge and a life lived within a minute fragment of the universe.

Rather, God proves Himself through His word (the Bible), His Son, Jesus Christ and through creation (Psalms 19:1-2). When science accepts the reality of the spiritual dimension in life, it can only rationally support and validate that the intricate designs and purposes (fine tuning) of every created life form, has their inception from a caring and intelligent creator. The human soul ultimately thrives and finds its fundamental fulfilment (John 15:11) in the worship and glorification of this triune-God who is its creator.

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