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Romans; Spiritual Growth Part 1

Romans; Spiritual Growth

(quoted from "One Day With The Creator" seg 22):

One Day With The Creator segment 22

The purpose of birth is growth to maturity. Hopefully by this point in the class, if you
were not a Christian before you began to listen to it, you have been born again of incorruptible
seed. And in the last segment, you spoke in tongues so that you know that you know that
you know that you are forever a child of God. Now God wants each of us to grow up. And Jesus
Christ has a personal curriculum of growth for you. Because remember, distributions of
gifting and service and energizing and so forth. Each member of the body of Christ is
a member in particular. And so you are the only you God has.


Teaching starts 3:00

The 5 basics of spiritual growth 5:00

The 9 manifestations of holy spirit 9:30

Instruction in righteousness 14:40

Be not conformed to this world 19:30

That God may give unto you 24:10

They glorified him not as God 24:40

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