Are Your Kids Picky Eaters? Advice From a Mom Who Knows

Picky eaters… we all know some! Our Mom of 16, Lyette Reback, is back with an all new episode from "Mom 16," a HooplaHa Original Series (Previously Mom 15, an adorable baby added one more!) This experienced mom knows a thing or two about raising kids. She shares some of her advice on this brand new episode of "Mom 16." As I’m sure you can imagine, Lyette and and her husband, David, have a very busy life, making sure their children are happy, productive and doing what they love. Feeding all 16 kids can be interesting, to say the least.
When you have more than 1 child, it is given that their tastes and likes will differ. This Mom of 16 knows that all too well. When given options, children are able to express what they don’t or do like. If everyone wants something different, meal time can be very hectic. Lyette tells us her secret… don’t give options! Make one thing that everyone has to eat. This way, you won’t be listening to complaints or making several different meals at once. Thanks again, Lyette, for your words of wisdom!

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