Penguins Have Funny Reaction To Opera Singer

Penguins Have Funny Reaction To Opera Singer

It was a hilarious moment captured on camera when these penguins react to hearing opera music. Nick Allen is a popular opera singer in Britain. This tenor is known worldwide for his incredible voice and lively personality. Most people that hear Nick are in awe of his talented vocals and when you hear him once, you’ll understand exactly why. But there’s one group that isn’t the biggest fan of opera music or Nick.

Recently, this vocalist went on a trip to Antarctica and was amazed to see a group of penguins nearby. He decided to see what these funny creatures thought about opera music and it resulted in the best reaction. Just watch as he stands right in front of all the penguins and starts to belt out an incredible tune. His voice is spot on and he is hitting those high notes with ease. But it looks like these penguins want nothing to do with it.

At first, I thought they were going to move closer to Nick but then I realized that they were actually fleeing and they were doing it in a hurry. I’m not sure if they were scared of the noise or generally didn’t like opera, but these penguins definitely didn’t want to be near Nick.

t will have you laughing out loud when you see them run for the hills, all while Nick continues his beautiful performance. You can never predict how people are going to respond to your talent and these penguins must be some harsh critics. What did you think of Nick’s singing? Would you have reacted the same as the penguins?

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