Sarah Schieber - The Long October Road

Sarah Schieber - The Long October Road

I heard a wonderful song on the radio the other day called "Christmas In Heaen." It was by a snger I had never neard of, Sarah Schieber. Lovely song. This video is not for that song, though (do a YouTube search and find the official video for that song; it's very touching.)

So, after hearing Sarah sing "Christmas In Heaven" I did a little more digging. Her story is amazing. In October 2007, when she was 31, she and her husband Chad were running in the Chicago Marathon. Chad collapsed during the race and died. Several months later she recorded a CD called "The Long October Road", mostly a commeration to Chad. Here's a video I made for the title song. Thank you Sarah, and thank you Chad for your service during your too-short life.

I normally superimpose the lyrics on my videos, just for effect. I chose not to do so for this one for some reason. I didn't find it necessary and thought it would be a distraction.

The song was written by her producer Paul Marino.

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