Window Pain - Atiba Kamara (Original Song) #Songs of Solitude

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This song is about leaving your comfort zone to be where Christ wants you to be: grounded in His word. We all have struggles with staying where we feel safe instead of going where the Father needs us. A lot of times where He leads us to is full of danger and pain but we must have faith that He will bring us through. In this song a boy is sitting in his room when he notices the pouring rain outside. Without hesitation he opens his bedroom window and climbs outside. Now, I'm sure you've been caught in the rain at some point. Whats your first reaction? Run for shelter. So why would this boy do the opposite? Instead of staying inside where it's comfortable, he goes outside into the pouring rain. He plants himself in the soil outside of his house and waits for the rain to nourish his body, mind & soul.

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