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Wrong Motives

God does not want to share you (or me) with all the things of this world that we chase after. Yes, He promises to give us whatever we need in this life to prosper both us and the work He has for us. But when we begin to use HIm to chase after these things (most of which He already said He would give us), something strange happens. What might normally be just another healthy need becomes an unhealthy lust.
It's not that we're necessarily asking for the wrong things, it's that we're asking with the wrong motives. And when we ask with wrong motives, then what we are seeking becomes like an idol to us—even though there may be nothing wrong with what we are seeking apart from our motives.
When God is our source for “all these things” and all these things flow naturally out of our relationship with Him, those needs remains healthy needs. But the minute we try to outsource any one of those needs or try to manipulate God to get them, something destructive is triggered within us. And what would normally be a good thing flowing out of a desire for God, becomes a bad thing sought as a priority over God.

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