God Is Not Just a Problem Solver

If we are working our own works, our relationship with Jesus must necessarily be self‐serving, because we will constantly be running to Him when we crash and burn from trying to do things our way. But if we are working His works, we will be drawn to Jesus for His purposes and not ours.
And we will never run out of steam when we work in His presence with His resources—like we do when we are operating in our own strength. The work He equips us to do does not require our kind of rest—but His kind of rest. It is impossible, in a human sense, to be at work and at rest at the same time. But the work God has for us to do flows out of resting in Him—resting in what He has already done.
The yoke Jesus gives us is wearable, and the burden He gives us is bearable. But we create this pattern of working on our own under a burden we can't carry, running to Him for relief when we can no longer handle it—only to return to that same burden for a repeat performance.
When we become trapped in this cycle, our faith in God is limited to the self‐serving purpose of survival. But there's so much more.

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