Christ + Nothing = Everything || Spoken Word

Be a good Christian. Do good stuff. Right?

- Lyrics -
You get distracted?
You see something shiny like a pearl?
And then your train of thought’s
gone and you’re like—
oh look a squirrel!

See in the Christian world,
we do a lot of good stuff.
We love like Christ,
whether it’s easy or tough.
(it’s what we’re supposed to do!)
But distraction comes and we want to look good,
We want to gain merit with God...
if we could.

But I want to drop a wild idea
that will make many berserk,

And that’s that “sin”
can masquerade as “good work.”

Well what do I mean?

Memorize the Bible.
Sing in the Christmas recital.
Give money on Sunday.
Feel guilty every day.
Listen to the Christian radio
Don’t get drunk, say, “no.”
Don’t get angry at that bus that’s beeping.
Go to seminary.
Preach a good sermon.
Teach at seminary.
Talk about Christ.
Go on a mission trip to Africa—I know I have.
Baptize people.
Teach school.
Feed the homeless.
Work in a soup kitchen.
Teach from the Bible.
Start a ministry.
Lead people to Christ.

“Good things,” right?

Didn’t Jesus say,
“They will know you by your fruits!”

Just like me with this ministry of Knok Studio:
Video, Jesus, film shoots.

See these could be “good things,” couldn’t they?
I mean I’d be envious of the
person who did these everyday.
But. They’re still things.

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