God Alone Gives Us Peace (Sermon Jam)

This sermon jam titled "God Alone Gives Us Peace" comes from a sermon preached by Reverend Dr. Vincent G. Artese "What We Think Is Who We Really Are".
Correct thinking requires a correct heart. The heart stores all the mind allows to be stored there. Out of the heart proceeds all sin, what we say results from what is stored in the heart. As we think in our hearts, so we are. We are responsible for what we think about. It doesn’t matter what we say, it matters what we do. We must allow God to take control of our thoughts. God places His peace in our hearts. We must enforce the truths that we believe. The proving process takes place every time we walk by faith during trials. Then God gives us peace that surpasses all understanding. We must continue to trust in the Lord with all our heart.
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