The Unpardonable Sin of Hebrews

This Video is to Help Christians to get free "In the name of Jesus" from the lie the devil has told them that "THEY" committed this unpardonable sin and torments them with fear that they can not be forgiven, when they have "not" committed this unpardonable sin and the devil knows they havent.
ONLY 'certain' Mature Christians who HAVE 5 experiences can commit this sin... who 'KNOW' what there doing and DONT want Jesus anymore and by there own free will Reject Him and turn there back on Him forever can commit this unpardonable sin and they crucify Him afresh in there OWN lives and put Him to a open shame before the whole world... just like His first Crucifixion. These certain people KNOW what thy are doing and have "all" 5 experiences and do not want to be saved anymore and here is the SIN unto death "they" of there own free will "Tell" JESUS they dont want Him anymore and when they do this they Commit this unpardonable SIn of rejecting their Savior that they have accepted. Its the sin of rejecting Jesus after they have these 5 experiences.
Now I have good news for you this is not you !!! If you want JESUS you WONT commit this sin, They want to!!! Backsliding is NOT this unpardonable sin. If you have backsliden you can be forgiven, or you have all 5 experiences and are backsliden and have not"Told" JESUS i dont want you anymore... you CAN be forgiven.
So be free from the lie that you have committed this sin and the torment IN the Name of JESUS. I Have.

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