Let God Be You're Time Machine

This Song Is About Regret and Guilt, And Man's Desperate Attempt To Get Rid of His Guilt And Shame,Change His Life His Own Way , And Then Our Father Reaching Down And Saving Us And Washing Us Clean From Our Sins, Taking Our Shame And Guilt, And Changing Us Through The Blood Of His Precious Son Jesus Christ, And All We Have To Do Is Cry Out And Say, Help us Jesus! Please Save Us And Forgive Us From Our Sin Amen!! Praise Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ!! Words and music By Fred Riedel Kim Riedel Rory Riedel LYRICS - I Don't believe in time machines, But i pray i had one now, I'd go back before you we're born, And I'd be different, and how, i'd hold you and cherish you, and never raise my voice, I'd never hurt you, or make you anxious, This time Love would be my choice, Right now I Ask you God for you're forgiveness, And I Pray That I can forgive myself, I Don't believe in time machines, And i pray to Jesus now, Please forgive me, Save and change me, And I'll be Different, and how, I'll hold you, cherish you, And i won't raise my voice, I won't hurt you, or make you anxious, I Pray This Time, God's Love, May always Be, My Choice, Right now I ask you Father, For you're Forgiveness, And I Pray, That You can Forgive Me, Let God Be, You're Time Machine, Please Pray He'll Change You're Heart.

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