Bishop Wisor Intoduces His Book 'STOP! Sex Crimes - A Warning From Behind the Cross'

Bishop Wisor Intoduces His Book  'STOP! Sex Crimes - A Warning From Behind the Cross'

This powerful, hard-hitting and soulful book will touch your heart and mind in a way that you could not imagine. It is intended to prevent any more victims of sex crimes - especially children.

This book brings to life the extensive experience that Bishop Jack Wisor has had with over 230 Megan Law offenders in the last six-plus years. As the only minister in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (and beyond) who will accept all Megan Law offenders, Bishop Wisor has developed structured Bible-based programs designed specifically for the Megan Law Offenders – which along with the unique guidelines he has established, the recidivism rate at Just for Jesus – Bishop Wisor’s ministry – is 0% for the offenders, while living at the ministry. None have committed a sexually-based offense.

Combined with relevant selections from Bishop Wisor’s personal testimony “IRA: A Watcher for the Lord” and sermon clips from Bishop Wisor's messages and teachings, this book provides hope, comfort and guidance for those have been offenders and victims and urges all to avoid the temptations at all costs.

The book shares the stories of many guests of the ministry who have been Megan Law offenders – and it offers their advice to others to avoid the lusts and temptations that will destroy their lives and the lives of their victims.

Bishop Jack Wisor
14530 Rt. 28
Brockway, PA 15824

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