School Prayer Walk, Winning the Battle For Our Schools

A Spiritual battle is taking place in our schools and has been for years. I believe God is calling Christians to the battlefield and we are to come armed with prayer. School Prayer Walk’s mission is to help communities join together in prayer walking inside their schools on the third Sunday every month. Let’s see what God has in store when Christians unite to prayer walk inside their local school! I firmly believe God has called us to prayer, now it’s time for us to respond in faith.
“Imagine what would happen if our schools were the focus of God’s power in our nation? Unified, united, focused prayer is the weapon God has given us to fight the battle to which He has called us.” - Jennifer Kennedy Dean, – from the foreword inside the book “School Prayer Walk.”
Imagine a large group of Christians from your community praying inside your school every month. It can and does happen. This book is packed with prayer walk stories taking place inside local schools. Learn the story of “School Prayer Walk” and the details to starting a prayer walk at your school by visiting our website and purchasing the book. Join in God’s call to cover your school in prayer and start winning the battle for your school! - Wade White

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