Couple Pick Up Their Adopted Daughter And Get Beautiful Welcome

Michael and Megan Foster spent lots of time praying for their future adopted child. And when the time finally came for them to fly to China to meet their daughter Fen they were full of nerves and prayers. But when you see this sweet girl come RUNNING out to meet her 'Mama and Baba' with nothing but joy and love you'll need the tissues. Everyone, including those who work with the orphans were stunned by this family's reception. Seeing this daughter find her new family is truly beautiful. The Fosters shared this video with us saying "We know adoptive families understandably don't always go public with this moment, but we feel God has blessed us too much not to share it with those who helped make it possible. (Please feel free to share) We hope you are blessed and encouraged and inspired to share in this glimpse of it - we believe this is God's passion for every lonely one on the planet (one less now!)". God bless this beautiful family!

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