Nervous Girl Earns Standing Ovation From Simon With 'My Funny Valentine'

Nervous Girl Earns Standing Ovation From Simon With 'My Funny Valentine'

A nervous girl named Alice Fredenham performed ‘My Funny Valentine’ for her Britain’s Got Talent audition, and she got a standing ovation from Simon and the rest of the room! “My funny valentine, sweet comic valentine You make me smile with my heart, your looks are laughable Unphotographable, yet you're my favorite work of art” As 28-year-old Alice steps onto the stage for the first time, it is clear to see that she is very nervous. “How are you?” one of the judges asks. “Scared,” she says sheepishly. Alice then goes on to talk about how she didn’t even tell anyone that she was going to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. “I didn’t tell anyone cause I just thought I’d rather just go it alone,” she shared. “And then if I’m not successful, I don’t have to admit that to anyone.” “Stage fright is something I’ve battled with. I’m just trying to take each minute as it comes,” Alice explained in an interview before her audition. “I want to prove to everybody I’m here for something, something more than what they maybe thought.” As soon as Alice starts singing, her beautiful and mesmerizing voice captivates the whole room. And the standing ovation that she receives from the theater after she is done singing leaves her shocked and in tears. Simon is blown away by Alice’s performance! “This is what I have been waiting for. Your voice is like liquid gold. You have such an authentically beautiful voice,” he tells her. “You could sing the phone book! I absolutely love you and I love your voice. And I also love the fact that you actually don’t even know how good you are.” When asked by one of the judges why she was crying, Alice responds, “I just don’t think I ever expected this kind of response, and it’s like my dream. And now it’s just happened.”

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