Song Title : Honesty ( The Change )

( Verse 1 )

It never seemed ever enough
It never gets high enough for me
The things I’d love the night before
Surely brings fear the next day
Hate this feeling…..

( Chorus )
But they say girl
You had too much wine and dance
The party’s over
Gotta get over it baby
Time to let go of the mess

( Verse 2 )

I thought I’d never make it through
Self Denial and wicked games
Loved ones cared too much
But they can’t be honest for me
Only I could…

Take His Hand Performed By Geraldine Png, Lyrics & Music By Bert Lindsey III
Take His Hand Lyrics :

Take His Hand
Come To Him As You Are
Come To Him
Where You Are
And Let Him Lead You, Guide You, Bless You,
Heal You, Protect You…Prosper

My Personal Healer Lyrics:

You had healed me of all my Sicknesses
You had healed me of all my Pain
You had healed me of all my Diseases
You had taken away all my Fears
It is by Your Stripes that I Am Always Healed
You Never Turn Your Back On Me, Like I'm The Only One In Your Eyes
I'm Made Strong & Young Like A Soaring Eagle Across The Sky
Faith Is All That Is Needed

It's By Your Stripes Jesus That I'm Healed
It's By Your Stripes Jesus That I'm Healed

It's The Abundance Of My Heart
Where My Mouth Speaks
I Sing & Say Out Loud Your Name Jesus
With Faith & Thankfulness as I Know It's All About Grace
My Personal Healer Whom I Surrender
Jesus! You're The Shepherd Of My Soul
I am Always made Perfect in

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