Dad And Kids Play Talented Rendition Of 'Baba O'Riley' In Living Room

Dad And Kids Play Talented Rendition Of 'Baba O'Riley' In Living Room

In this heartwarming video, a talented dad and his kids play their rendition of ‘Baba O’Riley’ by The Who in their living room.

At the start of the music video, the dad introduces his kids. His one daughter is on the electric guitar, and his two sons are playing the drum and acoustic guitar. The father is also playing the guitar, as well as singing and playing the tambourine with his feet. What a talented family!

“Hello everyone!” writes the family on their YouTube page. “We are the Clark family. Colt (the dad) is a full-time musician and Aubree (me, the mom behind the camera) is a photographer and homeschooling mother to our three children.”

The family shares about how the shelter-in-place orders from coronavirus have changed their normal routines.

“A few weeks after the shelter-in-place order started we found ourselves with a lot of extra time on our hands. Colt is used to playing seven gigs a week, and with the shelter-in-place order, his normal workload completely disappeared. To take our minds off of everything going on in the world, Colt and I decided to film some videos of Colt playing music with the kids every day and share them with our family and friends that we weren't able to see because of the virus. Initially the videos were private until a few friends asked if they could share them with their families, so we decided to make them public. It took off from there.”

Little did the Colt family know just how popular their videos would be and how many people would enjoy watching them!

“We had no idea that these videos would bring so many people so much joy, and how the positive messages and comments we've received would in turn, bring us so much joy.”

What a joyful bunch! May they keep having a great time in their living room making music and spreading happiness together.

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