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Saxophone Player Serenades Quarantined Residents From His Balcony

Saxophone Player Serenades Quarantined Residents From His Balcony

While the people of Barcelona, Spain are either self-isolating or under quarantine because of the coronavirus crisis, one saxophone player serenades the residents in his community from his balcony. What a beautiful way to inspire hope and bring a smile to the faces of the people around him!

The saxophone player’s name is Alex Lebron, and he, like many other musicians, is using music to get through this difficult time. Since COVID-19 became a global pandemic, many countries have had to turn to social distancing and quarantine to stop the virus from spreading so quickly. And Spain, the country that this video was recorded in, happens to be one of the countries most deeply affected by the coronavirus crisis, reporting several thousand cases of COVID-19.

While Alex plays his saxophone, people on the streets below and around him in the surrounding balconies are clapping for him and cheering him on. They are enjoying the smooth, soulful sound that he is bringing to the neighborhood. A piano can also be heard in the distance, joining in on the music. The piano player is just a few balconies away, so these two musicians can still play together and share their beautiful music with their neighbors.

While listening to Alex play in this video, he creates such a beautiful and moving sound with his instrument. He plays with such passion, and it is clear that he deeply feels the music. His neighbors must feel so grateful that he is sharing his lovely gift with them.

As the music from the saxophone and piano carry through the nearly empty streets below, I hope those that hear it will be reminded that we must all continue to lift each other up during this hard time. May we all spread kindness and encouragement where we can and hold onto our faith to get us through.