Hello From The Inside' Adele Parody During Quarantine

Hello From The Inside' Adele Parody During Quarantine

One man made a hilarious parody video during quarantine and called it ‘Hello (From The Inside).’ It goes to the tune of Adele’s song ‘Hello’.

“Hello, it’s me
I’m in California dreaming about going out to eat
Just a burger with cheese
Or a shaken margarita, baby back ribs from Chili’s
Hello-o-o can you hear me?
I am shouting out to neighbors who I used to like to see
When we were outside and free
Is there something else to watch besides the news and Finding Dory
There’s social distance between us
And I’m freaking out!

Hello from the inside
It’s just me and myself and I
And a Stay Home order that’s breaking my heart
But it’s clearly what we should have done from the start
Hello from Corona life
I’ve FaceTime called 1,000 times
To show you I’m sitting right here on the couch
What’s the point of putting on pants anyhow, anymore”

The man singing in this Adele parody is Chris Mann, and he has an amazing voice. Most of the scenes in this music video are of him singing against his glass door, looking longingly to the outside world. This is the kind of comic relief we all need right about now!

“This literally needs to be the theme song to this virus’s time,” writes one user on YouTube. “Actually, decades from now when they ask what life was like...they should just start the lesson with this video! It’s so accurate and nice to have something to make us laugh in such a crazy time.”

“You are brilliant,” another person comments. “I’m in quarantine and you have made it bearable with your parodies. Keep up the great videos.”

It’s great to see these funny videos being made during this time where everyone is stuck at home. It sure does lift people’s spirits and is definitely relatable!