'Little Mozart' Elisha Mysin Is A Child Piano Prodigy

'Little Mozart' Elisha Mysin Is A Child Piano Prodigy

Elisha Mysin, a young child piano prodigy from Russia, is known as ‘Little Mozart’ by his adoring fans. He is an incredible pianist and is only eight years old!

In this video of one of his performances, Elisha walks out on stage in a little tuxedo as the audience is clapping and cheering for him as he bows and walks to the piano. He pulls up the piano bench very closely to the keys and has to sit improperly on the bench in order to reach the pedals.

The orchestra behind Elisha starts to play, and soon, he starts playing a beautiful melody on the piano. His talent is incredible! It is mesmerizing to watch Elisha play, and it is clear that he is very passionate about the music he is playing. His delicate, little fingers move quickly across the piano keys to make the most beautiful sound.

Elisha began to receive professional piano training at four years old. But the eight-year-old showed interest in music even before he was born. His mother said that he would be active in her womb whenever he heard classical music. His piano teacher says that Elisha’s wide, soft, and flexible hands are great for playing the piano. He also has an extraordinary ear for music, and Elisha deeply feels the music as well.

Just like Mozart, music comes from Elisha’s soul. Even with the fame from his incredible talent, Elisha still has a normal childhood. He likes playing football outside and riding his bicycle and scooter. He also enjoys playing chess.

Elisha really hasn’t gotten use to the popularity that has come his way, and he gets embarrassed when fans ask to take pictures with him. But Elisha still loves to perform and share his talent with others. This is one child piano prodigy that has a bright future ahead of him, one that will continue to bring joy to people through beautiful music!

Elisey Mysin - the youngest pianist in Russia (6 years old) / "new little Mozart" plays Mozart piano 😉😀👍..👍: ❤+++++❤

Posted by Filmy Různé on Saturday, October 19, 2019

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