'Selfie Dad' Movie Trailer Featuring Chonda Pierce And Michael Jr.

'Selfie Dad' Movie Trailer Featuring Chonda Pierce And Michael Jr.

Laugh along with the official trailer for the upcoming Christian film ‘Selfie Dad.’

Starring comedian Michael Jr., ‘Selfie Dad’ follows the story of a father in the middle of a mid-life crisis. Despite many blessings upon his life, Ben Marcus (Michael Jr.), is still longing for something more.

Feeling like he is stuck in a dead-in job as the editor on a reality show, Ben is wishing for another life. Growing up, he aspired to be a stand-up comic and he cannot push that dream aside any longer.

He decides to start a YouTube channel to reach a larger audience. After finding Internet fame, Ben’s home life starts to struggle. “That’s when Micky, a brash IT guy studying to be a pastor, enters Ben’s life. Mickey, a wise-beyond-his-years 25-year-old, knows what Ben’s life is really missing: God. Will Ben be open to receiving the Word? Will he allow God to enter his heart and change his life for the better forever?”

Even when he seems to have it all, Ben is still left with a sense of emptiness. As he fights against Earthly desires, Ben will come face to face with the biggest question of all. “What if it’s a test? What if you dove deeper into the Bible than ever before?”

This inspiring new film also features Chonda Pierce, Karen Abercrombie, Jamie Grace and James Denton. It is sure to be a inspiring movie for the whole family to enjoy.

‘Selfie Dad’ hits theaters on June 12, 2020. Will you be watching?

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