House Of Swag Kids Dance Group Promotes Mental Health Through Inspiring Dance

House Of Swag Kids Dance Group Promotes Mental Health Through Inspiring Dance

In this inspiring performance on Britain’s Got Talent, a kids’ dance group called House of Swag promotes mental health awareness through their art.

The dance crew is from Ireland and has dozens of members from the age of six to teenagers.

“We’re a dance crew with a big message,” says one member of the group. “We promote positive mental health through performance art. This is such a big topic. Everybody in the group has been touched by it. You can be so down in the dumps and other days you can be so happy. It’s so hard to talk about it but dancing about it makes everything so much easier.”

Before their audition, the dance members talk about how special it is to them to be in House of Swag. They talk about how passionate they are about positive mental health, and some of the exercises they do to help them through their problems. One thing that they mention is how they sometimes write what troubles them on their hand, like exams, anxiety, and peer pressure, before dancing their heart out.

“We’re going to show everybody that it’s okay to not be okay,” says one of the members before they all take the stage.

During their performance, the kids dance to a mashup of songs and show off their impressive dance moves. It is an emotional performance, and you can really feel the energy and passion that these kids bring to their choreography.

“This is an issue that people find very difficult to talk about. And how wonderful to bring it to the stage here today. And so brilliant to see it in the medium of dance,” says one of the judges after the audition. “This is amazing. You’re shedding light on something difficult, and, of course, let’s not forget, you’re brilliantly talented dancers.”

What a fantastic audition! It’s no wonder that this group got 4 yeses from the judges!