Children's Dance Group Performs Alice And Wonderland Themed Routine

Children's Dance Group Performs Alice And Wonderland Themed Routine

In this exciting audition, one children’s dance group performs an Alice in Wonderland themed routine on Britain’s Got Talent.

“There’s a party going on in Wonderland and it’s not just Alice and the White Rabbit who are invited,” says the caption on this Britain’s Got Talent YouTube video. “Dance down the rabbit hole into a magical adventure with them!”

The children’s dance group is called VA Kidz, and all the dancers are between the ages of 7 and 19. They are all extremely dedicated to their craft and have so much talent to share with the audience.

During their performance, the dancers of VA Kidz are doing so many impressive leaps and turns around the stage. And the costumes that they are each wearing are so colorful and detailed. They definitely go with the Alice in Wonderland theme and bring so much excitement to the dance.

Throughout the song, all of the members of the group are dancing and acting, as well as doing acrobatics to make the performance come to life. These children do it all, and they are all so talented!

With the colorful and dramatic costumes, and all the impressive dance moves, there is so much going on while you look at the stage. It is a feast for the eyes! What an exciting and exhilarating performance!

The audience continues to cheer loudly throughout the performance during all of the impressive moves that the dancers are doing. The whole thing is very entertaining and makes me want to watch the Alice in Wonderland movie again!

It is clear to see how hard the members of VA Kidz worked on the choreography of this performance. The judges and the audience loved them, and they are now on their way to the next round of Britain’s Got Talent! Congrats to these talented kids!

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