Cowboy's Funny Gymnastics Routine Will Cure Your Olympic Blues

Cowboy's Funny Gymnastics Routine Will Cure Your Olympic Blues

Check out this cowboy’s funny gymnastic routine if you want to cure your Olympic blues. He’s definitely got some talent!

“I think I won the Zinc Medal for sure!!” writes Guy Bell, the cowboy gymnast in this video. While he may think that his moves don’t deserve a gold, silver, or bronze medal, we are still impressed with what he can do!

As the cowboy jumps up on the wood beam, his daughter is cheering him on. His moves definitely resemble a gymnast jumping onto a balance beam and getting ready for their routine.

While Guy is walking along the wooden planks, you can’t help but notice how thin the pieces of wood are. They seem like they would be very hard to balance on. Hopefully the planks can support him while he is standing on top of them!

“I hope this goes well,” says the person filming the routine while he is laughing.

The cowboy then jumps in the air and kicks his legs to the front and the back, and he manages to keep his balance on the tiny wood beams. How impressive! He then walks along the beam, turns around, taps his foot, waves his arms high in the air, and even does a small leap. How brave and confident he looks trying to pull off these moves! He definitely looks like he is having a good time playing around, and it is so fun to watch him pretend to be a gymnast.

“Is this the famous dismount?” say the person recording the video. The cowboy proceeds to do a cartwheel on the wooden beams and then lands on the ground on his two feet. What a fantastic landing!

What a funny and entertaining video! Kudos to this cowboy for sharing something that can bring the laughs during these trying times.

I think I won the Zinc Medal for sure!! @americanhatco #americanhatco

Posted by Guy Bell on Friday, May 1, 2020