'The Longest Time' Gets Quarantine Makeover From Virtual Choir

'The Longest Time' Gets Quarantine Makeover From Virtual Choir

In this creative video, a virtual choir gives the song ‘The Longest Time’ by Billy Joel some new quarantine lyrics.

“I have been at home in quarantine, stopping spread of COVID-19
What else could I do? Don’t want this virus from you!
I haven’t left here for the longest time

Exercise by jogging ‘round my room, online meeting taking place on Zoom
Though this is safer, we’re out of toilet paper!
We haven’t left here for the longest time”

The two responsible for adapting the new lyrics to this Billy Joel classic are Nicholle Andrews and Zach Timson. And many members from over a dozen choirs in Canada helped contribute their beautiful voices to this project.

“Wishing everyone the best of health from Vancouver, Canada!” the caption of the video reads. “Stay home, stay safe, and keep singing!”
The people in the video go on to sing about how self-isolation is helping the nation, because it is flattening the curve. They also sing about how far you should distance yourselves from others if you leave the house: “If you choose to venture out today, stay at least 2 meters away!”

The song sure is catchy and will make you want to sing along with their new lyrics!

“I had hopeful thoughts at the start. I said to myself – I will do my part!
Washing hands, not touching my face! I long for your embrace and it’s all that I hope for.
It’s my job to do all the right things. Social distancing as I sing!
I miss you so bad! But I think you ought to know that I intend to stay here for the longest time!”

“Not only are the vocals perfect, but those lyrics are GENIUS!” writes one person on YouTube.

“A lot of bad things happened because of COVID 19. This is definitely not one of them,” comments another person. “It’s so brilliantly written and sung. Definitely made my day.”

What a beautiful thing to hear all of these talented voices coming together to make such a creative song and video!