'A Hidden Life' Official Movie Trailer

'A Hidden Life' Official Movie Trailer

The inspiring story of Franz Jägerstätter comes to life on the big screen with the release of ‘A Hidden Life.’

Starring August Diehl as Franz, this feature film tells the true story of one man who refused to fight for the Nazis during World World II. The movie introduces us to Franz, an Austrian farmer and a devoted Catholic who battles with his conscience during one of the world’s darkest moments in history.

When called to fight in the army for the Germans, Franz refuses. Even though he knows that this refusal means his arrest and possible death, the courageous man chooses to stand up for what he believes in no matter what the cost.

The film follows Franz’s journey from his initial upbringing to his arrest and trial by the Third Reich. The film’s website describes the premise of the powerful movie. “When the Austrian peasant farmer is faced with the threat of execution for treason, it is his unwavering faith and his love for his wife Fani and children that keeps his spirit alive.”

Throughout his incarceration, Franz and Fani exchange letters with one another that help them both find courage and support through the difficult moments. From love and hope to sadness and tears, this film takes us on a roller coaster of emotion.

This in depth look at the impact one man has on an entire community is truly remarkable. ‘A Hidden Life’ premiered at the Cannes Film Festival to rave reviews and it is set to hit theaters in the US on December 13, 2019.

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