Adoption PSA Shows Sweet Moment Teen Becomes A Part Of The Family

Adoption PSA Shows Sweet Moment Teen Becomes A Part Of The Family

In a viral ad about adoption, this young boy finally makes the tearful discovery that he is truly part of the family.

Foster children sometimes find it difficult to connect with a family. When they have been placed in multiple different homes, it becomes hard to let your guard down and let someone else into your heart.

Teens, especially, may have been placed with many families over the years without a successful adoption. This heartwarming ad for AdoptUSKids introduces us to Jason. As he enters a new home, he takes notice of the family pictures on the wall.

At first, he seems to be a bit of an outsider, but the supportive family lovingly welcomes him with open arms. One day, as he walks inside, he discovers that the family photos have been updated and now include pictures of him.

It was a simple gesture that made a huge impact on Jason. He immediately gives his mom a huge of thanks and appreciation.

AdoptUSKids reminds us “There are over 125,000 children in the U.S. foster care system currently waiting to be adopted. But teens have lower adoption rates and often wait twice as long to be adopted as younger children.”

Many families look for newborns or smaller children. But many older children are waiting for their perfect match too.

This is such a sweet reminder that there is so much we can give to these children and even more that they give to us. Who else is wiping away a tear right now?