Luke Bryan Says Louis Knight Might Be The Biggest Star Ever On American Idol

Luke Bryan Says Louis Knight Might Be The Biggest Star Ever On American Idol

American Idol might have found their newest champion in aspiring artist Louis Knight. This 19-year-old singer-songwriter had all the judges in awe after performing his original song ‘Change.’

Louis Knight was born in England, but moved to Philadelphia at the age of ten. It was there that he and his brother started to play soccer and met their new friend, Russell. Russell became a part of the family and always encouraged Louis to create music.

Sadly, Russell took his life and Louis and his entire family heavily felt the loss. That’s when Louis decided to put his emotions into song and wrote ‘Change.’ While sitting at the piano, he belted out these heartfelt words for the panel of judges.

“I'm lucky to live another day
But how would you feel if I showed you my mistakes?
And what if I learnt to walk away?
See, I'm concerned it'll all go to waste
It's time for change”

As soon as the performance was over, judge Luke Bryan had a huge statement to make. “I think you might be the biggest star we’ve ever had on American Idol.”

Both Katy Perry and Lionel Ritchie agreed that Louis had something special. Lionel said, “From a songwriter, you’re onto something big.” As he received a unanimous vote to move on to the Hollywood round, Louis couldn’t help but think of Russell. “Russell would be absolutely thrilled. I think he’d be looking down and he’d be smiling. He’d be really proud.” What a bright, young star.

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