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7-Year-Old JJ Pantano Hilariously Roasts The AGT Judges

7-Year-Old JJ Pantano Hilariously Roasts The AGT Judges

7-year-old comedian JJ Pantano roasts the judges in a hilarious stand-up routine on America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

The world first met JJ when he earned the golden buzzer on Australia’s Got Talent in 2019. JJ went on to the semi-finals of the competition. His blend of adorableness and humor is a combination that has everyone laughing out loud.

Now, JJ is traveling across the ocean to perform for an entirely new audience as a contestant on America’s Got Talent: The Champions. The popular competition features over 40 acts from all over the globe.

The list of contenders includes past winners, finalists and fan-favorites. JJ soared through the first round of competition before delivering an unforgettable semi-finals performance. This little comedian decided to poke fun at each one of the judges and it earned him tons of laughter and applause.

JJ brought the giggles with his roast of new judge Alesha Dixon. “Last time I was here, I got you confused with Alicia Keys. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to…Alicia Keys.”

But it was went the pint-sized comedian turned to Simon Cowell that everyone was roaring with laughter. He mentioned that Simon wanted to be cryogenically frozen when he passes. That’s when JJ said, “Looking at your face now, I think you’ve started the process already.”

Simon had the best response to the 7-year-old. "Why is it that I love you insulting me? I really, really hope we get insulted in the finals. You deserve it." What an incredible, young talent.

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