Gracie Kramer's Villain-Themed Gymnastics Routine Earns Perfect 10

Gracie Kramer's Villain-Themed Gymnastics Routine Earns Perfect 10

In this impressive villain-themed routine, 21-year-old gymnast Gracie Kramer from UCLA earns a perfect 10 for her performance.

“It is dark, it is foreboding, and frankly, it just scares me a little bit,” says one of the commentators as Gracie starts off her floor routine.

“Well, you should be scared,” responds the other commentator. “Basically, we’re in a nightmare and she’s the bad guy. We had a chance to talk to her about it and she said ‘It’s so fun because it’s so opposite of my personality. I get to get out here and play a character.’”

As Gracie moves about the floor, she stuns the audience and judges with her perfectly executed moves. Her impressive jumps and flips are done with so much precision, and they show just how much power and strength she has. This is one gymnast that has worked very hard to get to where she is now, and her passion and determination is shown in her performance.

During the routine, scary music is playing in the background, the kind of music that you would hear in a horror film. And some of Gracie’s moves and facial expressions are done in a creepy manner, as a way to add to the villain theme of the performance. With her dedication to the theme, and the precision of her impressive gymnast moves, it makes sense that Gracie would be awarded a perfect 10 for this routine!

Once the news of her perfect score was shared, Gracie’s teammates gathered all around her while hugging and cheering in celebration. What an amazing moment this must have been for Gracie! It was her first time ever receiving a perfect score in her gymnastics career!

With hard work, practice, and determination, one can accomplish great things. Way to go Gracie on such a great achievement!

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