Broadway Violinist Performs In Animal Shelters For Abused Dogs

Broadway Violinist Performs In Animal Shelters For Abused Dogs

In this heartwarming video, a Broadway violinist shares about his love of performing in animal shelters for abused dogs.

Music is powerful and it is definitely a point of connection for some people.

“One of the greatest, fulling moments for us as musicians is when we’re on the stage and we feel that connection with the audience. It’s unspoken, it can’t be put into words,” shares Marin, who volunteers at his local shelter where he plays for the animals. “And I feel the same kind of connection with the animals that I play for. I feel a connection with them no less than the kind of connection I feel with an audience when I’m on stage. In fact, in some ways, the bond may be even stronger.”

The program that Martin volunteers for is designed to socialize and rehabilitate abused animals.

“The idea is to begin the recovery and not only heal the physical wounds but the emotional wounds as well,” Martin explains. “Dogs become custom to having people around that are kind to them.”

According to the shelter, the program seems to be working.

“You can see it just by watching the animals respond to him, and that’s a success,” shares one of the employees at the shelter. “All those small moments, if you look at them cumulatively over time, all the animals that he’s played for that have moved through the floors here and have moved into their adoptive homes, that’s a success.”

Playing for the animals has also been therapeutic for Martin, as he says he’s able to perform in a stress-free environment.

“As a professional musician, it can be daunting and stressful at times. There may be a critic in the audience listening and taking notes and writing up a review for the next day,” Martins says. “The reviews that I’ve gotten at the ASPCA are pretty much wagging of tails and kisses through the keyhole when I pass the guys treats after I finish playing for them. It’s just the best feeling.”

It's wonderful to see Martin using his musical talents to show these adorable animals some love and kindness!

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