Gentle Shepherd' At Home Performance From The Gaither Vocal Band

Gentle Shepherd' At Home Performance From The Gaither Vocal Band

In this lovely at home performance, the Gaither Vocal Band sings the song ‘Gentle Shepherd.’

“Gentle Shepherd come and lead us
For we need you to help us find our way
Gentle Shepherd come and feed us
For we need your strength from day to day
There's no other we can turn to
Who can help us face another day”

Todd, Wes, Reggie, Adam, and Bill are the singers who reunited in this video to record this special version of ‘Gentle Shepherd.’ Even with all of them singing in their separate home, they all blend their distinct parts together so beautifully.

“Bill Gaither is not only a musician in a class of his own, he's also an incredible sound engineer,” writes one person on YouTube. “Even with 'social distancing' the sound mixing is perfect, as always.”

“The voices stand out brilliantly individually, but the blend is also wonderful. Better sound I think than many of the live stage recordings of the Vocal Band. Technology well-exploited!” comments another person on YouTube.

Bill and Gloria Gaither wrote the song ‘Gentle Shepherd’ back in 1975. The scripture references that influenced the song were Psalm 23:1-3, Ezekiel 11:1-6, and John 10:1-18.

Since the Gaithers decided to pursue music full-time back in 1967, they have published more than 700 songs, recorded 40 albums, produced 100 videos, and founded the large Gaither Music Company. Along with ‘Gentle Shepherd,’ other popular Christian songs that they wrote are ‘The Longer I Serve Him,’ ‘Because He Lives,’ ‘The King Is Coming,’ ‘He Touched Me,’ ‘It Is Finished,’ ‘There's Something About That Name,’ ‘Let's Just Praise The Lord,’ and ‘I've Just Seen Jesus.’

The music from the Gaither Vocal Band is sure to lift your spirits and leave you feeling encouraged. God bless the Gaither Vocal Band and their singing ministry!