Husky Gets Jealous When Owner Pets The Cat

Husky Gets Jealous When Owner Pets The Cat

You’ll be laughing out loud with this husky gets jealous over his owner petting the cat.

I think we can all agree that animals are a cherished gift from God. The longer we are around these amazing creatures, the more we understand that God put so much time and effort into each animal He placed on this Earth.

Each creature has a specific purpose and I’m convinced that dogs are here to give us the love and support we so desperately need on Earth. There’s definitely a reason why we call a dog ‘man’s best friend.’

These furry friends are more than just pets. Over time, they truly become a part of our family. Dogs are known for being loyal and giving us unconditional love. But they also provide us with some much-needed laughter and joy.

And this husky is giving us so many laughs today. In this viral clip, you can see the dog sitting on the couch with his owner and the cat. Everything is fine until the owner starts to pet the cat. The husky lets out a hilarious growl every single time.

It’s obvious that this guy has a big personality and this adorable temper tantrum is giving us all smiles. Obviously, this isn’t the first time that husky has pulled a stunt like this and I am almost positive that it won’t be the last.

Who else has a demanding animal just like this one? I bet there’s never a dull moment in the house.