Hilarious Dinosaur Family Reunion At The Airport

Hilarious Dinosaur Family Reunion At The Airport

In this hilarious video, a dinosaur family has a sweet reunion at the airport.

The two children, Owen and Ethan Cooper of Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, wanted to surprise their grandmother at the airport by dressing up as dinosaurs. She was coming to visit to meet their new baby brother and they wanted to help make the visit even more memorable. Their mother thought it was a great idea and pulled out their Halloween velociraptor costumes for them to wear.

Once they arrived at the airport, the brothers entertained the other people who were waiting there by jumping and dancing around in their comical dinosaur suits. The two actually got the idea to dress up in dinosaur suits from their grandmother. During their last trip to go visit her, she met them at the airport in a giant inflatable dinosaur costume and they wanted to do the same for her.

But what they couldn’t have imagined was that their grandmother also had a surprise up her sleeve. She actually had the same idea as her grandsons and brought her dinosaur suit along with her during this visit! After her plane landed, she took the suit out of her luggage, changed into it with the help of a friendly security guard, and proceeded to walk to the arrival terminal to meet up with her family.

Those two boys must have been shocked and ecstatic to see their “Grandma-saurus Rex” bouncing toward them at the airport! As their grandma happily jogs their way and hugs each one of them, the people in the surrounding area react with laughs and cheers. What a hilarious sight this must have been to see in person!

The video has been viewed millions of times and is sure to have brought a smile to each person who has viewed it. What a blessing it is to reunite with family, especially when your family reunions are as funny and sweet as this one!

Grandmas here, let the games begin!!❤️❤️❤️😂😂

Posted by Tabitha Cooper on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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