Judge Judy Reunites Dog With Rightful Owner During Emotional Case

Judge Judy Reunites Dog With Rightful Owner During Emotional Case

Judge Judy solves a heartbreaking case by letting a dog inside the courtroom.

Judge Judy Sheindlin has been gracing the television sets of millions of Americans for over 20 years. In fact, her show is the highest rated courtroom program on television. Judge Judy has won multiple Emmy awards and continues to keep the public invested in each case.

For the past 2 decades, Judge Judy has become famous for her stern "no-excuses" attitude, divisive decisions, and harsh criticism. But despite her television persona, she continues to win over the hearts of Americans year after year. One of the reasons we love Judge Judy so much is that she is not afraid to be bold and unconventional with her decisions.

Take this particular court case that involves two dog owners claiming that their dog was stolen and then resold. The new owner refused to return the dog to the original owners, resulting in a conflict over who the true owner was.

While both parties came to the courtroom with documents and evidence, Judge Judy decided to use a completely different approach. She asked that the dog be brought into the courtroom.

Then, she instructs the handler to put the dog down and let him find his owner. The dog immediately runs to the man and he breaks down in tears over this incredible reunion.

He is finally able to hold ‘Baby Boy’ again and it’s obvious that these two have a long history together. Sometimes, it’s the simplest solution that reveals the truth.

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