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Dog Rescues Abandoned Kitten In Pouring Rain

Dog Rescues Abandoned Kitten In Pouring Rain

An adorable dog rescues an abandoned kitten in the pouring rain by bringing her home.

Hazel, who is a mixture between a Yorkie, Chihuahua, and Poodle, initially went outside for a bathroom break during a rainstorm in Abilene, Texas. Monica Burks, who is Hazel’s owner, was concerned when she did not see Hazel come back to the house after some time had passed. Once she looked out the window, she realized why. Monica saw that Hazel was helping out an abandoned kitten seek shelter during the heavy downpour. What a cute sight to see these two small animals walking down the road, side by side.

At first, Hazel found the kitten crying underneath the shed outside. She was probably terrified and looking for a place to get some shelter from the rain! The dog kept trying to get the kitten to come out and follow her, and her persistence paid off. Eventually, Hazel can be seen coming back from her bathroom break with a new friend in tow.

As the pair make their way down the long driveway in the pouring rain, Hazel can be seen sweetly encouraging the kitten along and waiting for her when she stopped along the road. It is so sweet to see the great lengths that Hazel goes through to shelter this little kitty from the rain.

Even when the small kitten could not make it up the garage step to get into the warm and dry house, Hazel gently picks up the kitten with her mouth and carries her inside. What a sweet and helpful dog!

Monica eventually named the tiny kitten Sheba and gave her to her brother, Michael, as a gift. What a caring gesture! Michael and Sheba are getting along fine, and thanks to Hazel, Sheba now has a warm and welcoming home to call her own.