Grandma Saves Base Jumper Dangling From Her Balcony

Grandma Saves Base Jumper Dangling From Her Balcony

In this adrenaline pumping video, one helpful grandma saves a base jumper who she found dangling from her balcony.

That fearless base jumper was Kody Kosloski from Michigan. While he was visiting Acapulco, Mexico, on vacation, he went base jumping off the side of a high-rise apartment building that was overlooking the beautiful beach and ocean.

“3,2,1…see ya,” Kody says as he jumps off the building. But what happens next to this daredevil is frightening and unexpected. He ends up crashing into the side of the high-rise building and is left dangling helplessly. He can be seen in the video grasping onto a thin strap for dear life before a sweet, little granny comes to the rescue. God really had her in the right place at the right time!

“I see you,” says the grandma as she reaches her hand out to Kody. I’m sure she was a welcome sight to him as he was dangling there, not knowing if he was going to make it out of this alive.

The grandma grabs him by the hand and helps him to safety onto her balcony. What a relief! Kody yells “I’m ok” up to the other base jumpers that were on the top of the roof with him. You can hear them cheering from above once they realize that he is now safe and sound.

Once Kody gets settled onto the balcony, the grandma asks him if he would like a glass of water. How kind of her!

“That lady was a sweetheart,” Kody says during an interview. “Very helpful, kind, and nice. I’m sorry for scaring her!”

Because of her kindness and quick thinking, this grandma helped save this adrenaline seeker from what could have been a very deadly fall. Kody is sure to be eternally grateful for this angelic, little grandma!