Man Discovers Girlfriend's Stroke During A Facetime Call

Man Discovers Girlfriend's Stroke During A Facetime Call

A Facetime call ended up saving a woman’s life after she suffered from a stroke.

Diane McPeters is thankful for the video function on her iPhone after a 2012 incident nearly ended her life. Diane woke up not feeling herself.

She was ‘tired and sluggish.’ That’s when her fiancé, Dave O’Neal, noticed that the right side of her face was not moving. Even though Diane said she was not feeling well, she did not want to go to the hospital. It wasn’t until later that afternoon, while sitting outside, that Dave decided to prove to Diane that something was serious wrong.

In the video, you can hear Dave say, "I would like you to speak into the camera. To me, it looks like you're talking out of the left side of your mouth."

That’s when Dave made the decision to call 911 and get Diane the help that she needed. She later told Inside Edition that, "I was thinking what I wanted to say, but couldn't say it."

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors diagnosed Diane with a stroke. She was promptly wheeled into surgery.

Thankfully, Dave had video of when Diane’s symptoms occurred and the doctors were able to use that information to create a timeline of events. This quick thinking on her fiancé’s part may have saved Diane’s life. And now, Diane is beyond grateful for cellphone video.

This is such an important reminder that if feel like something is wrong, do not wait. Immediately seek medical attention.