Adult Flower Man Takes His Job Very Seriously

Adult Flower Man Takes His Job Very Seriously

In this hilarious video, an adult flower man at an outdoor wedding takes his job very seriously and has the guests in a fit of giggles.

Now, usually when a little flower girl starts coming down the aisle in a pretty dress, guests at a wedding will usually let out an audible “Awe” because of the adorable sight. Well, that’s not the case at this wedding! The bride and groom of this wedding went a totally different direction and had a flower man walk down the aisle to surprise their guests. That’s something that you don’t see every day!

Right from the start, this guy is giving it all he’s got! At the beginning of his walk down the aisle, he starts spinning around and throwing flower petals as guests are laughing and giving him a loud applause. They continue to clap and cheer for him as they take pictures of the show that he is putting on. He seems to be enjoying it and is honestly quite good at the job he was assigned to do!

The adult flower man continues to drop petals all down the aisle with such precision. It is so comical to see him delicately sprinkling the flower petals on the ground before the bride comes down to meet her groom. And the laughs do not stop from the guest as he makes his way down the aisle; they only get louder!

For his hilarious finale, the flower man blows a handful of flower petals from his palm into the direction of the officiant before walking away to take his seat. The groom and groomsmen can be seen smiling and laughing after the flower man’s performance. He seemed to be a great hit!

Now that is a funny and joyful way to start a wedding ceremony, for sure!